About me

Hey all!

My name is Seren! I am a full-time cheese addict and half-time master student from Sweden. I enjoy cooking with music, reading books and magazines about local cuisines, design&decoration and science. I also like exploring new cultures and local cafes and restaurants as far as I can do. Since I started to cook and bake -at least to try-, I have been trying to improve my cooking experience and skills. To keep updated myself what I have done and learned, I have decided to write my cooking adventure on this blog.

My cooking adventure began with my French language course. After I started to understand French, reading about French cuisine has become my favourite activity. If you asked why “Brioche Diaries”, because everything started with a failed attempt: my first brioche. After that day, I promised “keep baking brioche until you reach the best” to myself. Challenge accepted! Here is the story how I have started.

Since I love cooking with music, I have also decided to write the songs which I listen while I am cooking. I want to create themes for each recipe. So, each post will come with a recipe, a playlist and sometimes with table settings and decoration ideas. Besides cooking and food, I think writing about the cities I have visited, my daily life and the cafes&restaurants here and there might be good idea as well.

And finally, I have to warn you guys, it is not a professional cooking blog at all and I do not have any professional background. I promise I will post all my attempts, even the failed ones. As I said before, this blog is my diary. So stay tuned and get ready to laugh my brioche failures!