No-knead bread recipe

It might be the easiest bread recipe ever. Don’t think it is not delicious. This recipe is minimising the difficulty and maximising the taste. If I managed to make it at the student shared kitchen, everyone can make it. 


I am really happy that I managed to make this bread on the first try. It is really easy recipe. Normally, the bread recipes are quite tiring and taking so long because of kneading and waiting time. On this recipe, it is not tiring, because no need to knead, but waiting time is really long which is 24 hours. It will be worth it though. Unfortunately, I could wait just 21 hours because of my friday night plan, but it was still really good.  Thanks to long fermentation time, it creates yummy taste and perfect texture.


Before i forget let me tell you my short playlist again. ^^

Angus & Julia Stone – Grizzly Bear

Iron and Wine – Such Great Heights

Kings Of Convenience – Misread

I am living in the student apartment and using shared kitchen. Our building is not too big, so when you cook something, all building smells haha. When I was baking this bread, you can imagina how tasty and delicious bread smell was. I am sure all other student hated me. The smell of bread was just amazing.

no knead bread

Of course I don’t have Le Cruset stockpot (or similar any other heavy pots) at my student apartment as you can imagine, but I have used two baking trays which both have long sides, so when I put the dough in the one tray, I closed like a pot lid with other tray. Thus, when bread was rising, it could not touch the upper tray. I also put some ice cubes in a heat-resistant bowl and placed it in a oven, so the bread could enjoy with the humidity while baking haha. If you have Le Cruset pot, you don’t have to do that. Because when you close the lid, the humidity will be already there.


The bread had perfectly crispy and hard crust. When I cut the first slice, it really impressed me. I suddenly felt super hungry and I just wanted to put some butter on it and eat the whole bread. The bread crumb was also really soft enough as it should be and had good pore structure.


I have taken this recipe from Turkish cooking blog, which is Damy’s Kitchen. It has really amazing and well-written recipes. I have tried several recipes from that blog and everytime I got flawless results. I will also write down other recipes that I have tried. I am sure you will like it. This recipe will be kinda direct translation of the original, because I completely followed what she has done. I have just made small changes, on original recipe instant yeast was used but I used active dry yeast and converted the amount according to this. Now, time for recipe. You should hear the slicing sound and delicious smell as soon as possible.

  • 480 gr all-purpose flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 5-6 gram active dry yeast
  • 360 ml lukewarm water
  • A little flour to fold after waiting time
  • Cornflour to put in the tray
  • In a large bowl put the flour, yeast and salt together.
  • Add 360 ml water, and mix until blended; dough will be really sticky.
  • Cover the bowl with plastic wrap. Let the dough rest 24 hours at warm room temperature.
  • Next day, put some flour on your kitchen bench and take the dough on it. Fold the dough max 2 or 3 times.
  • Again put some flour in the bowl, and let the dough for 2 hours resting in this covered bowl.
  • You can start heat the oven at 230°C. And also put your pot (or tray like I did) in the oven. Warm pot will create humidity inside when you put your dough and close the lid.
  • After 2 hours, put some cornflour on the hot tray (or pot) and place your dough in it. (As I mentioned above, I also put ice cubes in the oven at this stage.)
  • Cover the lid and bake for 30 minutes.
  • After 30 min, take the lid and keep baking for 15 minutes without covering the tray.
  • Ta daaa, the bread is ready!
  • Be careful and don’t cut slice just after baking. Otherwise you will destroy the bread. It is too hot! Be patient, enjoy the smell and looking but not the taste yet. ^^
  • After 1 hour resting time, you can start eating! (You can store in the fridge later)

Bon Appétit! ♥


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