The Best Macaron Recipe from the book “Ladurée sucré”

When I opened the oven door, I was extremely surprised and I could just say “Oh my god, I have just made macarons…”. It was too good and delicious to be the first attempt. 

The sexiest but also cutest sugar bomb: macaron… I ate my first macaron in Paris 4 years ago. I loved that! Since then, nothing changed, I still love eating and even just watching them. It is a shame that there is neither Ladurée nor really good place to eat macarons here in my city. In this case, you know what to do: Make your own macaron. Please keep reading this post with this lovely really short playlist and imagine you are there now. ♥

Joe Dassin – Champs Elysées

Yves Montand – Sous Le Ciel De Paris

Charles Aznavour – Gosse De Paris


Now, we can keep going. I have to say that I am really proud of myself, of course it was not as good as Ladurée or Pierre Hermé macarons, but it was way higher than average. Everyone was saying that making macaron is really hard. I do not agree that, it is not hard but it is required patience and attention. They are really fragile and easy to screw up. I follow each step carefully. I even closed all windows and door to protect my lovely macarons from unexpected air stream haha.


I really wanted to write about macarons before anything else. I do not know why, but as the easter approaches, I started to feel that I should bake macarons again, probably because of those pastel colors. I prepared three different colors with three different aromas. The light purple/blue macarons are with lavender cookies and white chocolate ganache and some are dark chocolate ganache, yellow ones are with lemon taste cookies and white chocolate with lemon aroma ganache and pink ones are with rose aroma cookies with white chocolate ganache.


It is a bit confusing that I do not know whether I should write important tips here or in the instruction parts. Well, maybe it is easier to write everything on instructions part, I think it is easier to follow while preparing.


By the way, you should stop beating the egg white when it gets this consistency. When you hold the beater like on the left picture, the beaten egg on the tip should not move and be strong against gravity. ^^


I took the recipe from Ladurée sucré, it is really good recipe. The texture was amazing. Thin and fragile outside of the macaron shells, but inside it was really tasty and chewy (as it should be). For ganache recipe, I just followed boring white chocolate ganache recipe that I have found on random cooking blogs or websites. Doesn’t matter which recipe, the only thing I was careful is that ganache should not be too liquid, the texture should be like nutella consistency.


Next time, I will also work on improving the ganache and any other filling ideas. After seeing macaron shells were really good, I could not think about anything else and just wanted to eat. I also want to try Pierre Hermé’s macaron recipe. If I make, I will share here as well. Anyway, it is finally time for ingredients and instructions:

  • 275 grams almond flour
  • 250 grams powdered (caster) sugar
  • 210 grams egg whites
  • 210 grams granulated sugar
  • Food coloring (gel or powder, I used both and they gave the same result)
  • Preheat the oven 148°C. Once the shells are ready to bake, put them on the third rack from the bottom.
  • Combine the almond flour and powdered sugar properly. Sift the mixture until you get very fine particles. (I repeated at least 8-9 times. It is also up to which almond flour you use.)
  • In metal and dry bowl, beat the egg whites until you get foamy consistency and add granulated sugar slowly, keep mixing on low medium speed. When granulated sugar dissolves completely, speed up the mixing and keep going until you get the consistency on the pictures above mentioned. In this step, you can add food coloring. Be careful not to use mixer, mix with flat rubber spatula.
  • Add one third of the sifted almond flour-powdered sugar mix and keep mixing with rubber spatula until all almond flour-powdered sugar mix combines with the egg whites. Then add second one third and mix, and finally last one third and mix again. Do not over mix. Stop mixing when you believe everything combines well.
  • Now the dough is ready. To prepare the shells, I have used single use piping bags. The important point is that piping nozzles should not have any special shapes, it should be just round-shaped. As a baking mat, I always use Guy Demarle Toile SILPAT. It might be the best gift I have received. Nothing sticks on it.
  • After piping the shells, hit the tray on the bench 3 times strongly to get rid of the air in the dough and wait for 15 min. Here you should be careful the windows. No air fluctuation hehe.
  • Bake for 15 min. Do not open the oven door. Never, until they are completely ready. If you want to optimize the baking time, try with one shell first. Then you will know exactly how long you should bake.
  • After baking, take them from the oven and put on the bench.
  • Let them cool down. Do not try to pick them before cooling down completely.
  • Then fill the cookies and put them in the fridge. If you are patient, it is better to eat next day, but I never managed to do that. Good luck ^^.

Bon Appétit! ♥







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